Comcast disapproves of your media, so they slow it down

Cox and Comcast slow down the Internet traffic that they don’t like, according to the Max Plank Institute. It doesn’t matter if it’s legal — if you use BitTorrent, they throttle your downloads.

According to an IT World article posted to Slashdot:

The study, using more than 8,000 nodes worldwide to test for BitTorrent blocking, found that Comcast was interrupting at least 30 percent of BitTorrent upload attempts around the clock. At noon, Comcast was interfering with more than 80 percent of BitTorrent traffic, but it was also slowing more than 60 percent of BitTorrent traffic at other times

Why should you care? Comcast is a media company! And they have the power to keep you from consuming media that they don’t approve. There is nothing to stop them from censoring any media online. This is why journalists should care about net neutrality.