Content crises, the oppression biz, tips from EveryBlock and Twittering — 6w link rodeo

The Cure for Content-Delay Syndrome — A List Apart

We have lots of “brand identity guidelines,” but not so many “style guides” (for content, at least). We have “strategists,” but no “commissioning editors,” and we more often “go live” than “publish.” Hence, we tend to first think “copywriter” when trying to get our content sorted, whereas very often an editor is the person we should be engaging.

Cisco Leak: ‘Great Firewall’ of China Was a Chance to Sell More Routers — Threat Level

The document is the first evidence that the networking giant has marketed its routers to China specifically as a tool of repression. It reinforces the double-edged role that Americans’ technological ingenuity plays in the rest of the world.

Recent EveryBlock-themed conference keynote — The EveryBlock Blog

My talk… focused on EveryBlock and some lessons we’ve learned while developing it.

And there’s a great conversation going on at Meranda Watling’s blog on Wired Journalists:
How is your news org using twitter?