CNN’s new embedded videos (Plus: Why headline widgets suck it)

ReadWriteWeb sez:

Starting today, CNN will allow all users to embed videos from CNN on their blogs or social network profiles. With this, CNN is following a growing trend among news organizations like MSNBC, FoxNews, and CBS. … CNN is clearly hoping to see some of its clips go viral, and with the political season in the U.S. heating up in the run-up to the November election, they might just have chosen the right time to enable this feature.

It doesn’t work perfectly yet: I couldn’t get the embed button to work properly in my browser (Firefox on Ubuntu Linux, it works on my Windows virtual machine), and for some reason the embed button is disabled on the front page item on the video site (maybe a conscious choice, but if you’re clever enough to find the video at the bottom of the page and click it, the button comes to life.). UPDATE: the button doesn’t work until you click play. Doh.

Why I hate widgets

Embedded video players look a little like their evil twin, headline widgets, which (sorry, 10K) always always always suck.

Widgets are arrogant. They give me the privilege to advertise for you.

An embed lets me add value to your content.

It gives me power to create something new.