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Wikipedia sez: “A Lightning Talk is a short presentation given at a conference or similar forum. Unlike other presentations, lightning talks last only a few minutes and several will usually be delivered in a single period by different speakers.”

This particular lightning talk was delivered to the ProPublica newsroom a couple weeks ago. To experience it best, open all the links in tabs, print the talk, then read through it and flip the tabs as quickly as possible. (Warning: may cause seizures.)

What’s Twitter?

Really, what’s Twitter?

So it’s like a blog?

…so, how does this all work?

Replies, retweets and links, oh my!

Searches, hashtags, and trends

The Twitter website sucks

  • Desktop applications like Twhirl and TweetDeck make Twitter immediate. You use them to tweet and to see replies and search results, live, similar to how you’d use Gchat or AIM.

I know kung fu.

  • Twitter can be like your own Headline News, but tuned to your
    interests. You can know, to the moment, what’s happening with people
    and topics you care about.
  • With a well-configured TweetDeck, you can hear the Internet hum.
  • We call this experience “ambient intimacy.”

…Twitter for journalists

Tweet your beat

Ask for help

Be aware

Find a job

  • I tweeted two weeks ago that my friend wanted a job at Playboy. Jimmy Jellinek called her last week, and this morning she got the job. I’m not trying to take credit for this, but it really was all me.

And remember, if you don’t tweet, they will.

Some members called it a new age of transparency, a bold new frontier in democracy. But to view the hodgepodge of text messages sent from the House floor during the speech, it seemed as if Obama were presiding over a support group for adults with attention-deficit disorder.

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