YouTube videos now on Google Maps

Mashable has posted a nice analysis of the newest feature of Google Maps, YouTube videos.

The new feature is slightly different from geotagging photos in Flickr or Picasa, and is also different from the YouTube videos you can find in Google Earth. In those cases, a photo or video is associated with a particular geographic location. The new feature of Google Maps applies to particular listings (businesses, etc.) that appear on the map.

An Example of YouTube video on Google Maps.

Great map integration is one of the reasons Yelp kicks the tar out of Metromix here in Chicago, and is the killer feature of Everyblock. How great would it be if Check, Please! reviews were attached to the restaurant listings?

Or if local news channels could hang their videos off of places and you could see the evening news presented in order of nearness to places important to you: mom’s house, the elementary school, where your son is fighting in Iraq.

Geography is important. This little feature of Google Maps isn’t much, but it’s a glimmer of a new way news and place could interact.