Video how to: find Creative Commons-licensed images on Flickr

Last week, I posted about finding and using Creative Commons-licensed content. It seemed a bit long, so I thought I’d pack the good bits about Flickr into a video. Check out the earlier post for more about how to attribute an image to an author, and other neat things you can do when you’re down with Creative Commons.

( is totally neat, by the way. It’s got CC licenses built right in!)

UPDATE: Fixed the link to my previous post.

YouTube gets citizen journalism, will they give it back?

Woot! YouTube’s got a new channel for citizen journalism.

From ReadWriteWeb:

This channel will highlight the best of the citizen journalism that’s taking place on YouTube, but its ultimate goal is to become a go-to news destination on the web.

Though as Dan Gillmor points out YouTube isn’t giving much back to the community:

I hope they’re going to find a way to reward the people who are doing the work. As I’ve said again and again, I’m not a fan of business models that say “You do all the work and we’ll take all the money, thank you very much.”

I also hope YouTube will give people a way to post using Creative Commons licenses, which are all about sharing information, as opposed to the currently restrictive terms of service. This is the main reason I don’t automatically recommend the service — though I do believe it offers great value in a general sense– and why I do recommend Blip.TV, which makes Creative Commons one of the defaults.